Mike + Kiara - October 10th, 2015 July 08 2016

Mike and Kiara are an amazing couple. When the bride and groom asked me to make a bow tie and pocket square for the groom I was honoured. The couple also asked my husband and I to help style Mike for the big day. It started with Kiara showing me pictures of her wedding dress and us having a discussion on the look and feel of her wedding while on a double date at a Raptors games. Immediately when I saw her dress, I guessed how she would style her hair and makeup...a vintage boho beauty!!! Next, my husband and I joined Mike at his consultation with Emma from Garrison Weddings. She helped put together the design for the grey on grey vest and suit combo of Mike's bespoke ensemble.

At Garrison Weddings they have so much selection for a groom and their linings are out of this world. We selected a  paisley lining which had all the colours of the harvest season which played nicely to the fact that their wedding fell on a beautiful autumn day during Thanksgiving weekend.

The colour of the wedding was mostly ivory with hints of burgundy which allowed me to have free reign with the patterns and fabrics to use for Mike's accessories. One of my fave fabrics for ties is wool and I happened to find a wool houndstooth fabric with mustard, burgundy, olive green and sky blue accents on a beige base. I also found a viscose paisley fabric with navy blue, burgundy, brown, beige, emerald, tan and mustard/gold colour. Both fabrics complimented the colours of Mike's suit lining. It was hard to decide which to use for the bow tie, so we decided to use both! Wool houndstooth during the ceremony for a more traditional look and the viscose paisley print fabric during the reception for a  fun vibe. The pocket square was made of the paisley viscose fabric and was worn for both the ceremony and reception.


This wedding was special for me for a number of reasons.  First, it was a special honour just to be asked and entrusted to help create their perfect look. Second, it was wonderful to see all of the separate elements come together so beautifully.  Third, it was great seeing the look on the bride's face when she learned her husband was going to have a change of wardrobe on this special night. 

These two were stunning and their pictures capture the amount of love they have for one another. I'm sure they made the photographer's job easy. Enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by Frances of Frances Beatty Photography.



Sean + Christina - September 5th, 2015 July 07 2016

Sean and Christina are a match made in heaven. They had a simply modern wedding with hints of vintage details at the Estates of Sunnybrook and their theme and colours were expressed throughout the venue with their florals.

Sean made sure he was dressed to the nines with his custom S&C cufflinks, Hugo Boss oxford, suspenders, light grey suit and of course a Boarded Hall bow tie.

The groomsmen looked ever so dashing with their grey slacks (a darker shade of grey then Sean's suit), suspenders, and the grey polyblend bow ties I had the pleasure of making for them. The fabric I worked with was pretty stiff fabric which was great for the shape of the ties. It also wasn't a solid shade of grey but more so a fusion of woven threads of black, grey and white to create a shade of grey like no other.

This wedding was spectacular from the junior bridesmaid walking barefoot down the aisle playing on a royal blue guitar while singing Mumford and Sons, I will wait, to the mariachi band treating the guest with some Spanish flare in honour of the brides roots.

Purple tree photography did a beautiful job capturing the love that Sean and Christina have for each other and how much they value their friends and family. When I think of living, loving and laughing I think of these two lovebirds. Enjoy!




Gideon + Alice - July 19th, 2015 July 05 2016

I had the pleasure of accessorizing 7 groomsmen (including the groom) and 3 ring bearers for Gideon and Alice's big day. Their venue could not be more beautiful and fitting for their rustic engagement. The bride and groom gave me free reign to find a fabric that would fit their colour palette and theme. 

We ended up selecting a fabric that had blush, white and grey to compliment the groomsmen's trousers and bring out the main blush colour the bride wanted to express throughout the wedding. Sometimes the tipping of the tie can be overlooked. I found some great satin fabrics, that would add a touch of uniqueness but were subtle enough not to overwhelm the tie that added that extra oomph. The main tip was a dark grey satin with a branch-like vein pattern throughout it. The fabric used for the skinnier part of the tie was a solid lighter shade of grey satin. I thought to myself, since this is an outdoor wedding, if the wind happens to blow and the tie flips up, at least the tip is worth taking a picture of for any and all photo opportunities. 



Keith + Nicole - January 22, 2015 June 19 2015

Imagine being married on open sea waters in the Atlantic ocean, on a beautiful bright sunny day, with a captain as your officiant...Well, my father (Keith), experienced this beautiful setting when he married Nicole earlier this year, and they asked me to prepare all the bow ties for the bridal party. I suspect they "hired" me mainly because of my talents but also because I'm the daughter of the groom, but I know they love my work and want to help me succeed in any way possible.

I was tasked with preparing 4 bow ties; all bow ties were done in peau du soie fabric. The groom wore a classic ivory butterfly bow tie with a matching pocket square (my first pocket square ever!). One groomsmen wore a classic black butterfly bow tie, which was his first bow tie that he would come to own. One groomsmen wore a diamond point black bow tie, and the ring bearer wore a pre-tied bow tie for kids. The bride and groom wanted everything to look fairly classic, so I thought to create some uniqueness by using various shapes for these ties. Both the bride and groom loved the finished product.



My father wore a custom made tuxedo and the white bow tie and pocket square made him look ever so dapper. The groomsmen and ring bearer wore navy blue suits. Remember Andre and Marsha's wedding? At first there was skepticism about the navy suits and black ties but I was able to easily convince them that the black bow ties will look amazing with the suits, and, as these were also gifts for the bridal party, it allows for multiple re-wears. 


Andre + Marsha - August 30th, 2014 June 10 2015

Do you remember the handsome chap below? Well he tied the knot with his University sweetheart back in August 2014 and I was honoured that he asked me to make him my first peau du soie bow tie for his nuptials.


Andre had a James Bond vibe for their 'modern elegance' themed wedding with a navy blue suit with black lapels. Some people believe combining navy and black to be a fashion faux pas, but I say to hell with those naysayers. If done properly, navy and black can look amazing together.

Andre and Marsha's wedding was nothing less than spectacular, and both bride and groom looked haute on their big day and I was proud to have provided the accoutrements to the Groom’s ensemble.

Pictures below are compliments of Found In Love photography.

Premiere Vision NY...the Boarded Hall experience June 08 2015 21 Comments

It's been several months since I attended the Premiere Vision NY textile show back in July and I've been meaning to blog about it back in the Fall but have been bombarded with work and exciting surprises that I'll share with you all in a later post.

All I can say about this textile tradeshow is if you're not a big company then don’t go. As my husband and I walked from booth to booth to source fabrics from all over the world, we were greeted, by most, in a friendly manner and had the pleasure of being sarcastically complimented by a gentleman on the choice of fabric I decided to use for one of my ties. This gentleman, a European salesman, commented on one of my fave denim ties as a “peculiar” choice of fabric. Anyhow, I digress...let me proceed with the Boarded Hall experience of the show.

As I mentioned if you're not big then don’t go. There were some great booths with Japanese denim or fabrics that I would have loved to purchase, but the minimum orders were for retailers who are making mass collections and likely have warehouses and factories that are making their clothing. They do not cater to someone making smaller, limited run collections (like Boarded Hall). Having said that, I met some great people working at a fantastic textile manufacturer called UNI Textile Co. in Japan,  with whom I’ve developed a working relationship that I know will last a long time. They helped me along the way and were ever so kind for a textile tradeshow virgin such as myself. The end result was that I procured several fabrics that would compose my next collection: From Japan with Love.

The process was very new to me. I first noticed, nestled among the throngs of samples, the fabrics pictured below on the far left and instantly fell in love with the print. They shipped me samples of all the fabrics that I was interested in, and they arrived within a few days (middle picture). After scouring through the fabrics and trying to put together a cohesive spring collection that captured the essence of Boarded Hall, I decided on 4 fabrics (far right). My experience with this one vendor was amazing, and, as I said, resulted in a great working relationship. Although the majority of the expo is not for small-timers as myself, I don't regret the experience, having met individuals/companies that appreciate fashion on all levels!


Boarded Hall on Etsy June 20 2014

We're on Etsy, yayyyy!


You saw something you like, and it’s sold out. Fear no more, go to our Etsy page where many of our design can be found in our ‘made-to-order’ collection. Be aware that quantities are limited on Etsy as well.

Do you have an upcoming event, are a groom, a groomsmen, father of the bride, or just want to look different? If so reach out to me and lets see if we can work together. Let me know your theme or colour palette and whether you want a tie or bow tie and I will try to source fabric for you in Toronto. If you're living in the GTA we can meet and discuss what you like. I'd love to make you look special for whatever occasion. Keep in mind, since this is custom made-to-order I will require at least 8 weeks advance notice to ensure everything is perfect.

Oh, and did I mention that we ship internationally on Etsy!!!

Convo me at Etsy.




I'm featured on La Fashionisima!!! June 13 2014

I am extremely honoured that Rene Berry of La Fashionisima featured me on her blog yesterday. The support, the 'likes' and attention I have received were beyond my expectations, and its all because of this wonderful, stylish woman who stumbled across my pictures on instagram and asked if she could feature me. Of course without any hesitation I said yes, and so it began.

To a very small business owner, like myself, its hard to market yourself without spending money, and to get noticed from circles outside of your family and friends. What I realized in my few months of planning and preparation is, when you launch a Facebook page and suggest people to like it, don't expect all your "Friends" to jump on your bandwagon. You'll be lucky if 25% of your "Friends" like your page, so you have to have realistic expectations! Understanding this I continued to trek along through social media, posting pics of my style advice featuring my ties, my personal style and of course of my products, to anyone who's willing to browse the cloud and take an interest in what I'm posting. Roughly 3 weeks ago a virtual angel came and blessed me with her interest and support...that angel being Rene Berry, Editor and CEO of La Fashionisma and Founder/President of The Fashionisters. She is truly an amazing woman, with style and grace and has multiples of brogue/wingtip shoes which is very dapper if I do say so myself.

For all you sole proprietors or small businesses, hang in there, someone will notice you and continue to hustle

Check out my interview on La Fashionisima here.


Oistin Collection April 03 2014 1 Comment

Boarded Hall is pleased to announce the launch of its inaugural collection, Oistin. This collection features a hand-picked selection of denims, cottons and linens in a palette of denim blue, alizarin reds, seafoam greens, and creams. The Oistin collection matches the contemporary skinny tie with timeless solid, stripe and floral patterns.  Each tie is lovingly hand-crafted. Details such as hand-rolled seams, exposed selvedge, wooden buttons and chain keepers, selected in each case to compliment the fabric and pattern, elevate each tie to the status of statement piece.  


Below are some pics from our Oistin photo shoot featuring some of our ties:









The Birth of Boarded Hall April 03 2014

I've spent the past 2 decades scouring the usual (and unusual) sources for fashion inspiration, including magazines and blogs, and people watching for those with incredible individual style.  One magazine that stood out for me was WAD (We’ar Different, get it?) as the editors, contributors and featured designers were fearless in their use of prints and styling. The conception of Boarded Hall, and all that it would entail, came to me in a red wine and bourbon induced dream. For the past year my mind was in a perpetual loop, constantly thinking and rethinking the creative trajectory for Boarded Hall:  What should I make? What should I offer? What fabrics do I want to work with? Why this, why that, etc.

Let me flashback to how it all started [fade in on a young woman slaving over an unfamiliar sewing machine in a cramped apartment]…I made my first tie for my husband (then boyfriend) for one of his birthdays. It was a denim tie. I made a rookie mistake of buying a store bought pattern, which for a beginner looked decent, but now I understand the nature of what makes an impeccable tie, and how construction can affect the beauty of the knot or the way it hangs, . I know now that these things cannot be store bought. I then spent months creating my own pattern, working with different materials, interlinings, decorative pieces, and researching who I want to work with for packaging and branding needs.,. After much thought and preparation, I am now ready. Over these past months, juggling a full time job and sourcing various elements of my brand, I have been consumed by excitement and anxiety. Those who know me know I’m a perfectionist and love ‘geeking out’ over small details, in every facet of life. After sourcing a variety of fabrics that I love, finalizing the pattern and working with PARTKL to help actualize my brand, Boarded Hall was born…It’s a  child born of blood, sweat and threads, with dominant genes in denim. I love my child and hope you will to.

Meet Michelle March 10 2014

I am the creator and designer behind Boarded Hall. I'm meticulous in nature; a trait reflected in the painstaking preparation of each detail of Boarded Hall's accessories, logo, packaging, and branding. My love of fashion, colours, textures, and shapes is on full display in my neck ties, an often overlooked and under-stylized item of clothing. I walk the fashion tightrope by not conforming to season trends. Rather, I seek new opportunities to pave the way in all things neck-wear. I have a deep appreciation for mens fashion. This appreciation has informed my personal style, which can be androgynous at times, and has compelled me to undertake this journey. My ties are made for similar style seekers with a love for trailblazing fashion.  

Men have come such a long way over the past decade in terms of leading fashion benchmarks, and I want to be a part of this movement. I have been blessed with a husband who has acquired a fine taste for fashion and allows me to experiment on him. He is the first to test drive my designs and is a walking billboard for my brand.  I don’t believe people should look like doppelgangers of one another. Copying is not always a form of flattery, but sometimes a sign of complacent drudgery.  My items will stand on their own and have men coming back for more. 

My Goal? To outfit a nude man in a tie so compelling that all anybody will notice is the knot around his neck