Care Instructions

  • Dry Clean or Spot Clean
  • To avoid wrinkles after wearing your necktie undo the knot and roll the necktie, OR, hang on a hook, OR, fold in sixths (i.e. fold 3 times length-wise) loosely.
  • To avoid wrinkles after wearing your bow tie, undo the knot and lay flat, OR if you're positive your neck size won't enlarge keep the bow tie knotted for repeated wear!
  • If you notice there are wrinkles in the necktie or bow tie try the following:
      • Place on hanger, take a hot shower (or turn on your shower) close the door and leave the tie in the bathroom and let the steam loosen the fabric and release the wrinkles
      • Iron the tie on the appropriate setting depending on material based on your iron. I recommend that you use a press cloth between the iron and the fabric to avoid marks