Mike + Kiara - October 10th, 2015

Mike and Kiara are an amazing couple. When the bride and groom asked me to make a bow tie and pocket square for the groom I was honoured. The couple also asked my husband and I to help style Mike for the big day. It started with Kiara showing me pictures of her wedding dress and us having a discussion on the look and feel of her wedding while on a double date at a Raptors games. Immediately when I saw her dress, I guessed how she would style her hair and makeup...a vintage boho beauty!!! Next, my husband and I joined Mike at his consultation with Emma from Garrison Weddings. She helped put together the design for the grey on grey vest and suit combo of Mike's bespoke ensemble.

At Garrison Weddings they have so much selection for a groom and their linings are out of this world. We selected a  paisley lining which had all the colours of the harvest season which played nicely to the fact that their wedding fell on a beautiful autumn day during Thanksgiving weekend.

The colour of the wedding was mostly ivory with hints of burgundy which allowed me to have free reign with the patterns and fabrics to use for Mike's accessories. One of my fave fabrics for ties is wool and I happened to find a wool houndstooth fabric with mustard, burgundy, olive green and sky blue accents on a beige base. I also found a viscose paisley fabric with navy blue, burgundy, brown, beige, emerald, tan and mustard/gold colour. Both fabrics complimented the colours of Mike's suit lining. It was hard to decide which to use for the bow tie, so we decided to use both! Wool houndstooth during the ceremony for a more traditional look and the viscose paisley print fabric during the reception for a  fun vibe. The pocket square was made of the paisley viscose fabric and was worn for both the ceremony and reception.


This wedding was special for me for a number of reasons.  First, it was a special honour just to be asked and entrusted to help create their perfect look. Second, it was wonderful to see all of the separate elements come together so beautifully.  Third, it was great seeing the look on the bride's face when she learned her husband was going to have a change of wardrobe on this special night. 

These two were stunning and their pictures capture the amount of love they have for one another. I'm sure they made the photographer's job easy. Enjoy the beautiful pictures taken by Frances of Frances Beatty Photography.



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