Gideon + Alice - July 19th, 2015

I had the pleasure of accessorizing 7 groomsmen (including the groom) and 3 ring bearers for Gideon and Alice's big day. Their venue could not be more beautiful and fitting for their rustic engagement. The bride and groom gave me free reign to find a fabric that would fit their colour palette and theme. 

We ended up selecting a fabric that had blush, white and grey to compliment the groomsmen's trousers and bring out the main blush colour the bride wanted to express throughout the wedding. Sometimes the tipping of the tie can be overlooked. I found some great satin fabrics, that would add a touch of uniqueness but were subtle enough not to overwhelm the tie that added that extra oomph. The main tip was a dark grey satin with a branch-like vein pattern throughout it. The fabric used for the skinnier part of the tie was a solid lighter shade of grey satin. I thought to myself, since this is an outdoor wedding, if the wind happens to blow and the tie flips up, at least the tip is worth taking a picture of for any and all photo opportunities. 



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