I'm featured on La Fashionisima!!!

I am extremely honoured that Rene Berry of La Fashionisima featured me on her blog yesterday. The support, the 'likes' and attention I have received were beyond my expectations, and its all because of this wonderful, stylish woman who stumbled across my pictures on instagram and asked if she could feature me. Of course without any hesitation I said yes, and so it began.

To a very small business owner, like myself, its hard to market yourself without spending money, and to get noticed from circles outside of your family and friends. What I realized in my few months of planning and preparation is, when you launch a Facebook page and suggest people to like it, don't expect all your "Friends" to jump on your bandwagon. You'll be lucky if 25% of your "Friends" like your page, so you have to have realistic expectations! Understanding this I continued to trek along through social media, posting pics of my style advice featuring my ties, my personal style and of course of my products, to anyone who's willing to browse the cloud and take an interest in what I'm posting. Roughly 3 weeks ago a virtual angel came and blessed me with her interest and support...that angel being Rene Berry, Editor and CEO of La Fashionisma and Founder/President of The Fashionisters. She is truly an amazing woman, with style and grace and has multiples of brogue/wingtip shoes which is very dapper if I do say so myself.

For all you sole proprietors or small businesses, hang in there, someone will notice you and continue to hustle

Check out my interview on La Fashionisima here.


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