Meet Michelle

I am the creator and designer behind Boarded Hall. I'm meticulous in nature; a trait reflected in the painstaking preparation of each detail of Boarded Hall's accessories, logo, packaging, and branding. My love of fashion, colours, textures, and shapes is on full display in my neck ties, an often overlooked and under-stylized item of clothing. I walk the fashion tightrope by not conforming to season trends. Rather, I seek new opportunities to pave the way in all things neck-wear. I have a deep appreciation for mens fashion. This appreciation has informed my personal style, which can be androgynous at times, and has compelled me to undertake this journey. My ties are made for similar style seekers with a love for trailblazing fashion.  

Men have come such a long way over the past decade in terms of leading fashion benchmarks, and I want to be a part of this movement. I have been blessed with a husband who has acquired a fine taste for fashion and allows me to experiment on him. He is the first to test drive my designs and is a walking billboard for my brand.  I don’t believe people should look like doppelgangers of one another. Copying is not always a form of flattery, but sometimes a sign of complacent drudgery.  My items will stand on their own and have men coming back for more. 

My Goal? To outfit a nude man in a tie so compelling that all anybody will notice is the knot around his neck



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